CSA45 Performance

Users Manual

Receivers: Billet 6061 T-6 aluminum
Monolithic lower encompassing buffer compartment
Left side charge upper / forward ejecting casings
Diagonal placement of takedown and pivot pins provides for structural strength

Fire Controls:
Mil-spec (AR style drop in capability)

Operating System:
Short-stroke 9mm gas piston
Rotating/locking, 4-lug bolt

(Standard) 16” barrel: 30.9”
(SBR) 10” barrel: 24.9”

(Standard) 16” barrel: 6.56 lbs (empty, no optic)
(SBR) 10” barrel: 6.0 lbs (empty, no optic)

capacity: 25 rounds
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 1.56 lbs (loaded w/230 gr FMJ)
1.44 lbs (loaded w/185 gr JHP)
Length: 8.4”

Color Options:
Go to link and find color and associated part #
Expect 2-3 week lead time for most colors

The CSA45 is compatible with most ammunition. Below is a list common ammunition and the performance seen from both the CSA45 10″ SBR and CSA45 16″ Standard.


ManufacturerRoundType .45ACP Pistol (5" Barrel)CSA45-SBR (10" Barrel)CSA45 (16" Barrel)
RemingtonUltimate Defense230 gr BJHP861 ft/sec903 ft/sec911 ft/sec
HornadyCritical Defense185 gr FTX1061 ft/sec1154 ft/sec1243 ft/sec
Gorilla AmmoSilverback Self Defense230 gr JHP830 ft/sec872 ft/sec892 ft/sec
Hornady Custom200 gr XTP900 ft/sec974 ft/sec1009 ft/sec
Federal PremiumHST230 JHP873 ft/sec915 ft/sec979 ft/sec
Sig Sauer Elite Performance200 gr JHP949 ft/sec965 ft/sec1036 ft/sec
LibertyCivil Defense78 gr HP +P1886 ft/sec2091 ft/sec2230 ft/sec